The Sustenance Framework

The Sustenance Framework was developed in 2020. This framework is a revolutionary guide that helps Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) to implement their own customised internal control systems. It comprises six inter-related components, namely:

Foundation: The nature of the business + managerial conduct
Pillars: Strategic objectives + business objectives
Radar: Risk identification + risk assessment
Control: Risk management + internal control activities
Sharing: Communication
Reviewing: Periodic monitoring

For the sake of
simplification these components are summarised in six short ±90 second videos below:

The development of the Sustenance Framework was built on research. Its basis rests upon the following three published research studies:

> Research study #1
Research study #2
> Research study #3

After its development, a
Sustenance Framework e-book was published. This can be ordered online here.