About us

Business Re-Solution was founded in 2019. Since its inception, it has provided customised business research solutions to clients. In terms of its strategy, Business Re-Solution adopts the following:

Our vision

To be the trusted and preferred supplier of customised business research solutions in South Africa.

Our mission

To supply customised business research solutions, to clients based on South Africa, with optimal economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our values

In the world of business, trust is by far the most important characteristic. A major truth in the business world is that first impressions are lasting ones. For this reason, we fully embrace the values of integrity, responsibility, accountability, transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, confidentiality, respect, competency and creativity.

Our leadership

Since 2019, Business Re-Solution has been led by Dr Juan-Pierré (JP) Bruwer. He has more than ten years' experience in creating customised business research solutions, and has been affiliated with various prominent South African higher education institutions while doing so. He holds a doctoral degree as highest qualification, and in terms of the Clifton StrengthsFinder©, his top five strengths are that of: 1) Maximiser, 2) Activator, 3) Futuristic, 4) Ideation, and 5) Responsibility.

Dr Juan-Pierré (JP) Bruwer
Founder / Director

: jpbruwer@businessresolution.co.za
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