At Business Re-Solution we are the trusted and preferred provider of customised business research solutions. Business Re-Solution offers the following services, among other:

> Conducting independent research

Empirical studies (practical).
Non-empirical studies (theoretical).

> Publishing research output

Journal articles.
Conference papers.
Research reports.
Working papers.

> Research artefact development

> Custom virtual workshop development and facilitation

> Customised academic consultation

Thesis reviewing / consultation.
Quantitative data collection tool development.
Quantitative data analysis.
Thesis transformation.

> Infographic and video development applicable to research studies

> Small business solutions with Google

Development of website on Google Sites.
Development of virtual rooms on Google Classrooms.
Development of surveys on Google Forms.
Digitisation of source documents on Google Docs.
Digitisation of a basic accounting system on Google Sheets.

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Satisfied clients

To date, Business Re-Solution has provided customised business research solutions to the following satisfied clients: