Our services

Developing infographics and videos

We summarise and transform clients' intellectual property in a user-friendly manner to capture the eyes and imagination of their targeted audience. This we do by means of images and/or videos.

Here is an image example and a video example.

Conducting and publishing research

We conduct independent research studies on behalf of clients. These studies can also be published (or prepared for publication) at the request of clients in the form of, inter alia, journal articles, working papers, and research reports.

Customised research consultation

We consult with clients on their research needs to come up with customised business research solutions. Our scope for consultation includes, but is not limited to research proposals, theses, dissertations, draft research outputs, and surveys.

Performing quantitative data analysis

We perform quantitative data analysis services on behalf of clients. This services includes, but is not limited to data cleaning, descriptive data analysis, inferential data analysis, and quantitative data interpretation.

Survey development and hosting

We develop surveys on behalf of our clients. The scope of this service includes that of formal research surveys, informal research surveys, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Google solutions for SMMEs

Considering the limited resources of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs), we provide Google solutions for SMMEs. We assist SMMEs to integrate Google applications in their business operations to minimise their administrative burden. The scope of this service includes, but it not limited to Google Sites, Google Classroom, Google Forms, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

Customised virtual workshop development

We help individuals and business entities develop their own customised virtual workshop(s) on topics they are experienced and/or passionate about. Such virtual workshops can also be set up on Google Classroom for easier delivery.

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