"As an owner-manager of a skills development small business I consult with Dr Bruwer, from Business Re-Solution, on a regular basis. He provides me with value-adding insight and gives sound input on requested business-related matters. From a small business perspective, I would strongly recommend Business Re-Solution as a preferred supplier of customised business solutions.

Dr Bruwer has a vast range of knowledge related to small business development, business risk and sustainability management, all supported by scientific research. His suite of skills include accounting (especially beneficial to small businesses), taxation, and compliance.

I highly recommend Dr Bruwer and the BRS Team for advice relating to small business development, enterprise development, research and organisational development"

- Judith Smith (Director: Judith Smith Development Services)

"I was fortunate enough to work with Business Re-Solution. Their quantitative data analysis services rendered to me was extremely professional! I am very grateful and will make use of their services again in the future"

- Teneille Venter (University Lecturer / PhD candidate)

I approached Business Re-Solution’s to assist me with the publication of outputs and to perform quantitative data analysis applicable to my Master’s degree. I appreciate the highly professional manner in which Business Re-Solution liaises with its clients - I felt cared for and special. I am very satisfied with the quality of service provided

- Ilanza Perold (University Lecturer / Master’s degree student)

Dr Bruwer assisted me with data analysis and interpretation while I was doing my Masters degree, and the support I received from him was invaluable. He provided me with guided assistance by assigning meaning to my data results. Initially, I found my data analysis challenging and will always be grateful to Dr Bruwer for his support and guidance. His patience, assistance and understanding attitude was what guided me to continue to the best of my ability, when I was ready to give up

- Faraaz Omar (University Lecturer / Master’s degree graduate)

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